Sure Temp Company, Inc. Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

Transformative technology, revolutionizing the way commercial buildings work in Central New York

The Central New York Catalyst Project

Broome County Library

Public institution of over 72,000 square feet.


Installed May 8th 2014
Over a 2 week test period Sure Temp produced 62% overall savings.

KWH usage before Catalyst
KWH usage after
KWH saved

77,862.2 KWH at a cost of $9,888.70
55,650.7 KWH at a cost of $7056.64
22,227.4 KWH Dollars saved

A $2888.60 Savings Over 4 Months!
29% KW savings. Expected yearly savings 45%.

Catalyst Works! Feel free to verify this information with
the building managers.

Broome County Library
185 Court Street
Binghamton,n NY 13901
Margaret Scarinzi