Sure Temp Company, Inc. Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration

Transformative technology, revolutionizing the way commercial buildings work in Central New York

The Central New York Catalyst Project

Mettier Toledo Hi-Speed

Corporate factory manufacturing instruments
for serialization integration. 800,000 square feet.


Installed October 2013

KWH usage before Catalyst
KWH usage after
KWH saved by Catalyst

58,533 KWH at a cost of $13,116.00
37,615 KWH at a cost of $9,074.00
20,918 KWH       $4,042.00 saved

A $20,220.20 Savings Over 4 Months!
55% KW savings. Expected yearly savings 71%.

Catalyst works. Feel free to verify this information with
the building managers.

Hi Speed Checkweigher
5 Barr Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
John Petry

Doug Mix