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The Central New York Catalyst Project

Did you know that a building's heating and cooling system accounts for over 65% of their annual utility bills? So making sure the lights are turned off when you leave for the evening is the least of any building manager or business owner's worries. Newer heating and cooling technology can help reduce those costs but not by much and can be costly to purchase and install.

So how does it work?

Your heating and cooling systems are basically on/off "dumb" machines. Imagine your car had a switch instead of a gas pedal. To maintain an average speed of 55 MPH on the highway you would need to turn the switch on at full speed...speed up to 70...then turn the switch off and coast down to 40. Then repeat the cycle. What would this do to your gas mileage, the comfort of the ride, and maintenance on your car?

How does this translate to your
building's HVAC system?

The answer is Catalyst! Basically a "brain" for your HVAC system. A small 12 by 12 inch box along with a network of sensors and a state of the art computer program turns your heating and cooling system into a finely tuned, synced up system. We consider every part of your heating and cooling system and not only install the gas pedal, we set the cruise control, monitor the entire system, keep it performing optimally. What would that do for your energy, your capital investment, your employees' comfort and your maintenance dollars?

Catalyst routinely reduces energy consumption by 35-55%, improving indoor conditions and reducing maintenance budgets without changing equipment. Call us to see if your building will qualify.

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